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Energy and Sustainability

The Energy and Sustainability section is a joint initiative of IHEA and the Department of Human Services Victoria. Here you will find information on energy efficiency, ecologically sustainable development, sustainability as well as energy news and downloads relating to energy

Hospilot - Intelligent Energy Efficiency Control in Hospitals

HosPilot is a collaborative project co-funded by the European Commission, focusing on the demonstration of the latest ICT solutions for energy efficiency in hospitals.

You can find further information on our project website www.hospilot.eu and our LinkedIn group http://www.linkedin.com/groups?about=&gid=1906416

The newsletter is available here.

Presentations from IHEA Vic Tas Professional Development Seminar No 1, Feb 2007.

Environmental Management – Water Conservation

Ben Gelnay - Manager Sustainability & Risk for capital works projects, Capital Management Branch, Department of Human Services Victoria. - Environmental management, water conservation

Sarah Bending - Environmental Analyst, Sustainability Unit, Capital Management Branch, Department of Human Services Victoria - Greening our hospitals - water

John Siapantas - Manager, Water Policy Section, Environmental Health Unit. Department of Human Services Victoria - Water recycling legislation in Victoria, Present & future

David Walker - Chief Engineer, Bendigo Health, Victoria - Water recycling

Rod Woodford - Supervisor, Engineering Department, North East Health Wangaratta, Victoria - Water saving designs

Clayton Henderson - Maintenance Office - North East Health Laundry, Victoria - Linen serivce water reduction

Sharon McNulty - Infrastructure Manager, Northern Health. Victoria - Case study Award winning changes

Presentations from the IHEA Queensland Branch Mid-Year Conference, Brisbane, 20 July 07 - Sustainability

Green Star – Healthcare. Author: Adam Beck, Associate, Arup Sustainability

Improving Facility Sustainability – Water and Waste Water Management. Author: Tim Saxby, Civil Engineer- Water, Sinclair Knight Mertz

Relieving the Energy Usage Pain. Author: David Clifford, Manager Energy Efficiency Projects, Energy Impact (Energex)

Environmental impacts on health

Climate change has the potential to affect human health. The concerns addressed in this section deal with the implications of these environmental factors on the health of people in Victoria.

Health impacts resulting from climate change

Governments and international organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the predicted impacts of climate change. In 2003, the World Health Organisation (WHO) published Climate Change and Human Health - Risks and Responses. In its report, it noted that the global average temperature is increasing as a result of human-related activities and this poses a threat to human population health.

The view of the WHO is that climate change will result in a range of associated health impacts including increases in illnesses and diseases. This may most easily by identified by additional health, social, environmental and economic impacts. Climate change is expected to displace persons through such events as flooding.

Read more at the DHSV environment web site http://www.dhs.vic.gov.au/environment/impacts.htm

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