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EPES Consulting Engineers

Engineering Firm

EPES is a Consulting Engineering firm with international experience across a wide variety of technical projects.

EPES was founded by Principal Engineer, Ken Eppleston in May 2014.

Ken started EPES, driven by his passion for engineering innovation and his ability to solve seemingly complex problems, seeing a major need for a more practical engineering approach in the market place.

His team of highly skilled, multi-disciplined Engineers collectively have over 50 years of combined engineering experience and expertise, serving clients throughout Australia, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Today, EPES has become recognised as a leading provider of engineering services for Hospitals and Healthcare, Buildings, Tank Farms, Tunnels, Pipelines, Manufacturing, Water and Waste Facilities to name a few.

Additionally, they offer comprehensive engineering and project management solutions to assist clients in both new ‘Greenfield’ projects and ‘Brownfield’ rectification projects servicing both government and private sectors.

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