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Member Spotlight: Laura Miranda

Civil Design Drafter, Emerging Engineering Associate of the Year recipient and Founder of 'You Don’t Look Like An Engineer' Podcast

Embarking on her engineering journey at just 19, Laura Miranda is reshaping the narrative of success in the engineering industry, breaking free from stereotypes. Having been exposed to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers from her process engineer father, Laura Miranda had always considered studying engineering.


Laura's commitment to fostering inclusivity and empowering fellow women in engineering led her to co-create the "You Don't Look Like an Engineer" podcast with her colleague Sohan Roopra. Driven by a shared dedication to gender equality, both women of colour set out to amplify voices and experiences through storytelling. Armed with a microphone, they recorded the inaugural episode, 'Busting myths about women in STEM,' in May of 2022. Within a week, a recruitment agency reached out to sponsor their podcast, marking the beginning of a journey to spotlight professionals in the industry.


The "You Don't Look Like an Engineer" podcast goes beyond conventional conversations. It champions diversity within the engineering sector by delving into personal narratives, illuminating the challenges and opportunities within a predominantly male-dominated field. Each episode serves as a platform for professionals to share their journeys, offering valuable insights for navigating the industry authentically and effectively.


Laura expresses, "We've forged a community and a safe space for people to share stories, inspire others, and raise awareness – precisely what we set out to achieve." Having grappled with the desire to conform early in her career, Laura is now radiating her authenticity, aspiring to be a beacon for others aspiring to join the industry.

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