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Michael Goodman Wins Best Paper at National Conference

As part of our recent Melbourne event, Michael Goodman emerged victorious with the Best Paper award at the prestigious National Conference. His work titled "Illuminating the Path to Sustainability: Integrating Environmental Responsibility with Emergency Lighting Management" not only captured the attention of professionals in the field but has also set a new standard for innovation and eco-conscious practices.

Amidst a pool of talented researchers and thought leaders, Michael Goodman's contribution stood out, showcasing a meticulous blend of expertise, creativity, and a deep commitment to sustainability. His paper delves into the critical intersection of emergency lighting management and environmental responsibility, offering a comprehensive framework that not only ensures safety and compliance but also prioritizes ecological impact and energy efficiency.

Thanks to Michael's efforts, Clevertronics also hosted a technical tour to their state of the art facility in Melbourne.  The group was treated to an insiders viewpoint of the development, testing and engineering departments. New products, manufacturing capabilities and testing facilities were all open and on show.

Congratulations, Michael Goodman, on setting a new standard of excellence and illuminating the path to a more sustainable future through your contribution!

We look forward to sharing his paper soon in the upcoming IHEA Healthcare Facilities Journal.

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