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NSW Charity Golf Day

IHEA NSW is excited to announce our upcoming Charity Golf Day, scheduled for May 9th at Ryde Parramatta Golf Course in Sydney. This event is raising funds for Back Beds for the Homeless.


Backpack Beds for the Homeless is a national registered charity (Swags for Homeless Ltd) dedicated to helping homeless individuals across Australia. Their mission is to improve the dignity, health, sleep, warmth, comfort, and safety of street-sleeping homeless people. With over 108,000 unmet requests for accommodation in 2022-23, their work is essential in providing immediate assistance to those in need.


Event Details:


Date: Thursday, 9th May

Location: Ryde Parramatta Golf Course, Sydney

Purpose: To raise funds for Backpack Beds for the Homeless

Impact: Funds raised directly support the Backpack Bed program and Sleeping Bag Hypothermia Packs, which save lives on the streets.


Sponsorship Opportunities are also available. Use the link below to register your interest.

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