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NSW PD Event

Recently NSW/ACT State branch held a site tour and PD event. Many members attended, including engineers, facilities managers, fire offices and project managers.

They first visited Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Park at Regents Park to discuss the new 32 amp 3 phase heat pump, as well as reviewing their mechanical systems, including, ducted, splits and cassette systems. With the move away from gas heating, their heat pump was the winner for the day!

Attendees then continued to Concord Hospital to discuss the way forward with charging the hospital fleet. A wide range of topics were discussed, including NHP and Schnieder’s car charger systems, with a summary of both how their chargers work and their energy management systems.

Members were presented with how to ensure the supply network including, sub stations, distribution networks, main switch board and distribution boards are prepared for the new load before purchasing mass car chargers for fleets.

Also outlined to the group was how to ensure that sufficient conduits, ducts and cable paths are planned and installed for future expansion. This includes car parks at hospitals where the majority of spaces are located.

A special point was made of informing management and fleet managers that this should be a priority before any purchase of car chargers, as well as the necessity to have car chargers not located in underground car parks due to risk of fire and limited access by emergency services.

Charles from DEP Consulting, a Level 3 Grid Designer, spoke to the group about how to start the process of engaging the energy companies to upgrade the high/ low voltage networks to hospitals for this extra load. He also outlined what the design process is and general costings for upgrading subs and network.

Overall, it was great to get the discussions flowing and we are sure there will be more to come with this topic.

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