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NZIHE - International Guest Speaker at next week's National Conference

As part of the ongoing exchange between IHEA and our sister organisation NZIHE, we are pleased this year to host Mr. Kevin Miller from Auckland, who will be attending next week’s National Conference as our International guest. 

Kevin is a Chartered Professional Engineer in the field of Electrical Engineering. He specializes in the design and project management of complex healthcare projects. In a career spanning over 20 years’, Kevin has successfully delivered numerous major healthcare facility projects. Currently, Kevin holds the position of Electrical Practice Area Lead at Aurecon (New Zealand), one of New Zealand and Australia's leading engineering consultancies.


On Wednesday, June 5, 2024 at 10:45 AM, Kevin will share his trans-Tasman perspective on The Future of Standby Power – What Comes After Diesel?

For a long time we have relied on diesel fired generators as a reliable source of backup electricity generation for hospitals. However, with growing concerns over climate change and the environmental impact of conventional energy sources, healthcare institutions will need to start looking for sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to meet their standby electrical generation needs.

This presentation aims to delve into the realm of alternative energy sources for hospital standby electrical generation, shedding light on innovative solutions that can enhance the resilience of healthcare facilities while contributing to a greener future.

This presentation will help to answer a number of important questions such as:

-        What are the emerging technologies likely to fill the void when diesel generation is no longer acceptable?

-        What are the benefits and limitations of each?

-        What provision can we reasonably be planning for now to minimize the impact of the changeover?

By attending this presentation, healthcare professionals, facility managers, energy experts, and policymakers will gain valuable insights into the potential of alternative energy solutions to safeguard critical healthcare services while minimizing their environmental impact.

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