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NZIHE Webinar: Isolation Transformers

Learn from our NZ counterparts and register for their webinar this Wednesday.

Isolation Transformers: To Earth or not to Earth?

AS/NZS 3551:2012 has a get-out-of-jail-free card for electrical safety! It states that if a medical electrical system is not compliant with the Electrical Safety Tests in Appendix B of the same standard, then a separation transformer of a suitable rating shall be fitted. This makes the medical electrical system electrically "safe".

The detail of how to use this separation transformer as a protective mechanism, and in particular whether the earth should continue to the output or secondary side of the transformer is not addressed in AS/NZS 3551. The protective mechanism of a Class I Medical Device is the protective earth. Is the protective earth still protective if its earth has no reference to the "real" ground?

The objective of this seminar is to review the standards relating to the use of isolating transformers as protection against electric shock from medical devices, and answer the question as to whether the isolation transformers used in medical applications should have the earth connection continue through to the output.

This webinar will be presented by Dr Dani Forster, Director and Training Manager at The Medical Room.

Dani has over 20 years of experience in Biomedical Engineering including managing the Medical Equipment Management Service at Kings College Hospital in London.

Dani currently manages the short-term and permanent recruitment services and  delivers a wide range of biomedical technical training courses for The Medical Room.

Date Weds 13th March

Time 13:00 - 14:00

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